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The address of enchanting Indonesia

Welcome to the Indonesian Dance Club MADALOKA!


We are specialized in traditional and modern Indonesian dances.

As professional dancers, we offer public with dances based on passion and wonderful appearence.



Our repertoire includes:


  • All kinds of classical dances from Indonesian archipelago
  • Modern Indonesian dances


Rahmida Dewi Patmawati, born as dancer in Jogjakarta. She makes different kinds of choreography, describing the enchanting of Indonesia.

We offer dances from a solo until a group of 6.


Rahmida teaches Indonesian dances in The Netherlands. You can find more information at


Contact for bookings Shows and Dance lessons in The Netherlands:

Nova Marseline: +31621950733

Rahmida Dewi Patmawati: +31626475077


Madaloka in collaboration with Dian Oerip Batik & Festival Payung Indonesia (Payungnesia)

Contemporary Dance

All kinds of contemporer dances, based on Indonesian traditional dances movement.

Classical Dance

All kinds of Indonesian classic dances.

Modern Dance

All kinds of modern traditional dances, based on Indonesian traditional movements.

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